Within the agate’s honey or blue milk…

by Marion

Sigmar Polke, agate stone windows for the Grossmünster in Zurich, 2006-2009.

The production of the seven church windows. Sigmar Polke: “I can accept the power of nature as religious.”

Dans le miel ou le lait bleu de l’agate, les dendrites esquissent souvent des paysages: collines, vallons ou combes, toujours plantés de sapins que la distance rend minuscules et qu’on reconnaît à leur silhouette pointue et aux branches basses un peu relevées.

[Within the agate's honey or blue milk, dendrites often depict landscapes: hills, valleys or ravines, sown always with fir trees which are rendered minuscule in the distance and which one recognises by their pointed outlines and their slightly elevated lower branches.]

Roger Caillois, Pierres (Stones), 1966

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