100 Projects I Never Finished

by Marion

Dora Garcia, 100 Impossible Artworks, 2001, detail.

How do some people manage to be so incredibly productive, prolific and creative? Can we please replace the list of publications in our CVs with lists of projects we never finished?

It reminds me of a work I saw two years ago around this time in a temporary exhibition on lists at the Louvre. My plan was, at the time, to write a review of the mille e tre exhibition and to get it published.

Did it ever happen? You have three guesses.

In lieu of my 100 Projects I Never Finished, here’s

100 Impossible Artworks
by Dora Garcia (extract; my translations from the French)

1 – live someone else’s life
2 – dream someone else’s dreams
3 – live forever
16 – re-live your childhood
26 – limit the number of questions and answers
28 – know the truth
34 – remember everything
45 – fill an abyss
48 – skip a day
49 – put the same text in all books
73 – be behind and in front of the door
78 – become transparent
99 – take a photograph of every instant of your life
100 – nothing

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