Project to Reform Habitations

Meret Oppenheim, Tisch mit Vogelfüßen

Meret Oppenheim, Table with Bird’s Legs, 1939.

I. – HABITATION. House: 1. Houses in sky and earth. Emotional decoration. – 2. Expression of the facade; meaning of the terraces. – 3. Exterior of the house, that is to say feathers. – 4. Plan of the habitations, mirror to recognize oneself. – 5. Locks, professional secret. Furniture: 6. Living chairs, hangings of caresses, beds of captive birds. – 7. Different kinds of chairs, their decoration bloody. – 8. Chairs with animal feet. – 9. Negresse chairs. – 10. Armchairs. – 11. Boxing armchairs. – 12. Folding and water stools. – 13. Deaf and dumb beds. – 14. Sleepiness beds with windbag dreams. Tables: 15. Their shape, ornament, material, significant. – 16. Moral tables. – 17. Cinema-tables with suggestive views. – 18. Radiant tables for love. Gardens: 19. General description. – 20. Water features. – 21. Human trees touching the strollers. – 22. Boxtrees in iron wire. – 23. Caustic plants. – 24. Electrifying plants. – 25. Talking plants. – 26. Benches with springs. – 27. Kiosks of hair.

Louis Aragon, Projet de réforme des habitations, 1920, quoted in Ghislaine Wood (ed.), Surreal Things.

2 thoughts on “Project to Reform Habitations

  1. Cinema-tables with suggestive views. Yes, that’s the one I choose today. That, and maybe a sleepiness bed with windbag dreams for later on.

    And don’t try to tell me you can’t find these in stores. Everyone knows the world is increasingly surreal, I read it in the news just the other day.

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