It’s holiday season.

Postcard from Eluard’s collection

Postcard from Paul Éluard‘s collection.

Two Hundred and Forty-three Postcards in Real Colour
by Georges Perec

For Italo Calvino

We’re camping near Ajaccio. Lovely weather. We eat well. I’ve got sunburnt. Fondest love.

We’re touring around Malta. Lovely weather. We share our meals with some very correct English people. Back around the 10th.

We’re cruising off the Yukatan. Ideal weather. Everything just right. I caught a baby shark, 30 kilos! Love.

We’re at the Hôtel Zircone. It’s very warm. We eat so well! I’ve got sunburnt. Kissy-wissies.

Postcard from Karpathos, c. 1925We’re travelling through Greece. Gorgeous siestas beside the sea. Have met loads of very friendly people. We think of you often.

On holiday in Denmark. Weather good. Very beautiful beaches. Danish girls are quite something! Back on the 6th.

A big hello from Ipanema. Extraordinarily beautiful. Fiesta under the coconut trees! I have to be back on the 5th, alas.

We’re in the heart of the Black Forest. Seasonal weather. Splendid excursions. A bit of fly fishing. Love.

We’re really covering the Everglades. Well worth the trip. Sublime. I’m getting to be a champion water-skier. Love.

We’re visiting Florida. Sublime weather. Heavenly hamburgers. A bit homesick all the same. Love.

A letter from Djerba. Superb weather. Couscous I love you. I’m as red as a crayfish. Home at the end of August.

We’re travelling through the Lake District. Très romantique, but no risk of getting sunburnt. Home on the 19th.

We’re travelling round the Peloponnese. Sun strong. I have a big hat, we’re very happy. Hugs and kisses.

We’re playing at being explorers on the Atlantic Coast. Long sunbathing sessions. We eat just like the hogs we are. A thousand regards.

Extract, from Georges Perec, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces.

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