Thou shalt not touch.

This space is still evolving

“This Space is Still Evolving” exhibition plaque at the Creation Museum. Wait a minute. Shouldn’t it be “This Space is Still Being Intelligently Designed?”

According to the Creation Museum which opened in northeast Kentucky close to Cincinnati in late May,

  • a fossil of a perch devouring a herring found in Wyoming (“Last Supper of a Perch”…) offers “silent testimony to God’s judgement” – because the two fish perished during Noah’s flood, somehow getting preserved in stone. In fact, all fossils are relics of that divine retribution.
  • the waters of Noah’s flood carved the Grand Canyon within days.
  • the reason why chameleons change colours is “to talk to other chameleons and to show off their mood.”
  • before the fall, Adam and Eve lived happily with dinosaurs and lions in paradise – all animals were herbivores and only became predators in answer to primal sin. “In a sin-cursed world, most sharks consume swimming creatures, so their teeth are designed to prevent captured animals from escaping.”
  • the reason why the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs is that they really are dragons, renamed only 130 years ago. Dragons and dinosaurs are but one.

It’s obvious, isn’t it.

What I find really worrying is that apparently the exhibition design must be spectacular, leaving even the biggest sceptics utterly impressed and making institutions such as the Natural History Museum London look rather dull. It was created by Patrick Marsh who also designed the Jaws and King Kong attractions at Universal Studios in Florida (though personally, the Jaws sharks are far too obviously papier-maché to make me jump…). Furthermore, one cannot help admiring the fundraising politics, leaving the $27m project completely debt-free upon opening.

On the other hand it’s somewhat reassuring to see that founder Ken Ham’s claims that the museum considers both sides, intelligent design and evolution, prove untenable even upon superficial examination. The fact that the website section What people are saying gives exactly one viewpoint, unsurprisingly that of a hard-core creationist, speaks volumes.

An attractive place? Maybe.
A place that presents the truth? No comment. Don’t get me started.
A place that welcomes debate? Definitely not.

See here for a well-researched review and here for a funny photo set.


3 thoughts on “Thou shalt not touch.

  1. I don’t think anyone could make the Natural History Museum look dull – not with that architecture :). I’m in agreement with you on the creation museum though. If they’re so big on including both sides of the story why don’t they include Hindu, Zoroastrian, Gilgamesh, Yazidi, Budhist, Shinto, Ifa, Australian native, Norse Völuspá, and other religions with creation myths? If it were a genuine museum of creation myths and included all creation myths it would be actually interesting, rather than a pathetic attempt to legitimise a single myth.

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