Towards a more sedentary lifestyle.

Max Pollak, Sigmund Freud at his desk, 1914, etching.

With my resolutions to stay here all summer and get as much writing done as possible falling apart, I admire the 18-year-old Freud who wrote jokingly to his friend Eduard Silberstein:

I am one of those human beings who can be found most of the day between two pieces of furniture, one formed vertically, the armchair, and one extending horizontally, the table, and from these, as social historians are agreed, sprang all civilization, because they have a justified claim to the predicate sessile or ˈsedentaryˈ. Since this position does not involve all parts of the body in equal measure, and the nobler parts protrude above the tabletop to a considerable degree, I am compelled, for the due occupation of both, to engage in two activities: reading and writing.

Quoted from Penelope Curtis and Jon Wood (eds), Freud’s Sculpture, exh. cat., Leeds: The Henry Moore Foundation, 2006.


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