Dear My Inspiration

Eileen Agar, Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse

Eileen Agar, Ceremonial Hat for Eating Bouillabaisse, 1936.
“It consisted of a cork basket picked up in Saint-Tropez and painted blue, which I covered with fishnet, a lobster’s tail, starfish and other marine objects. It was a sort of Arcimboldo headgear for the fashion-conscious.”

Writing is slow. You sit at your desk surrounded by books and notes and at the end of the morning you realise all you’ve done is stare at your computer screen.

Here’s artist Eileen Agar‘s take on inspiration:

My own method is to put myself in a state of receptivity during the day. I sit about sometimes for a quarter of an hour or more, wondering what on earth I am doing, and then suddenly I get an idea for something. […] Later on […] I might take a snooze and after that it comes together quite simply. It may well be that we hunt too much when we are completely on the alert. Too much awareness can be as inhibiting as too little.

Eileen Agar, Am I a Surrealist?, in Mary Ann Caws (ed.), Surrealist Painters and Poets: An Anthology.


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