Surrealist end-of-year questions.

It’s the season for end-of-year reviews. Government summits were held, agreements reached. Germany fell in love with a polar bear cub, the inflation increased, William and Kate broke up and got back together. Nobel Prizes were awarded and the flooded basements have dried up.

I’m never quite certain what all of this has to do with us. But I sincerely hope you can look back to a year full of pleasant surprises, mind-boggling coincidences and fascinating encounters.

Dion, Bureau, papillons
  • How do you evaluate inspiration, behaviour and progression?
  • What is a fire that smoulders?
  • What is the number 27?
  • Is there a way of building in trails of the unexpected?
  • What has been the most important encounter of your life?
  • How will your session take into account the widest range of participants?
  • What is a path through the imagination?
  • Are you a fox or a hedgehog?
  • What hope do you put in love?

“Papillons” with questions, some of which were originally asked by the Surrealists who gave out a bunch of business cards with philosophical quotes and thought-provoking, slightly disturbing questions at the opening of their Bureau of Surrealist Research in 1924.

Mark Dion echoes this practice with his Bureau of the Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacy at the Manchester Museum since 2005.


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