The Collector (VI)

“8 sachets of laundry blue;
10 blue matchboxes;
1 packet of cigarettes (blue);
1 blue envelope;
1 piece of blue string;
24 blue glass shards;
17 blue feathers;
1 piece of blue marble;
1 parking ticket, blue print on white paper;
4 blue chocolate bar wrappers;
1 blue invitation to a drinks reception;
8 yellowish wooden shavings;
2 pieces of green-yellow onion peel;
8 snail shells;
1 cocoon;
6 cicada exoskeletons;
various blue and green-yellow flowers;
a number of green-yellow leaves, especially banksia leaves;

‘Treasury’ of a mating Australian satin bowerbird.

Watch Sir David Attenborough explain this behaviour here.

Quote translated from Wunderkammer des Abendlandes: Museum und Sammlung im Spiegel der Zeit, exh. cat., Bonn: Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 1994, 185.


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