More beasts.

I’m very fond of the function in WordPress that tells me the search terms people have punched into google immediately before being directed to Mapping the Marvellous. The ones that have caught my eye lately – because I’ve been writing on Surrealism and the bestiary – are those that could be imaginary beasts.

Now I’m waiting to come across, on our false balcony, the hybrid creature that is spiderlike with ant head, or the diabolic green caterpillar with horns. The time beetle, I daydream, would help me avoid last-minute panic, and the horned catipeller (sic!) sounds infinitely cute – maybe I could get it as a cuddly toy?

2 thoughts on “More beasts.

  1. The horned catipeller sounds like a warped concatenation of caterpillar and propellor, which, to my 04:27 mind, is envisioned as a caterpillar with a propellor on its arse. The horned ones are no doubt extra nifty.

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