The ultimate invasion.

I just wanted to pick up two plain, boring first class standard stamps at the post office today, I swear. Ubiquitous little fuckers.

3 thoughts on “The ultimate invasion.

  1. I’d read your post about foulcault( I highly agree with him. Wondering though the posts on your blog i’m convinced that you support his statement as well.

    Visit my blog at: You’re welcome.

    (For people who can’t read the dutch language i’ve installed a google-translaterbutton in the right column.)

    Curiosity is seen as futility. However, I like the word; it suggests something quite different to me. It evokes “care”; it evokes the care one takes of what exists and what might exist; a sharpened sense of reality, but one that is never immobilized before it; a readiness to find what surrounds us strange and odd; a certain determination to throw off familiar ways of thought and to look at the same things in a different way; a passion for seizing what is happening now and what is disappearing; a lack of respect for the traditional hierarchies of what is important and fundamental. I dream of a new age of curiosity.

    Michel Foucault in an interview with Christian Delacampagne, Le Monde, 6./7. April 1980.

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