…is both hedonistic and ascetic. Coffee keeps the outrageous artist awake all night. But coffee also keeps the studious ascetic academic awake all night. Coffee makes you wild with energy. Yet, coffee has no calories; it keeps you thin. Coffee makes sperm swim faster. Is it no wonder that Stewart Lee Allen calls it “the devils cup” and sees it as “the driving force in history”?

Quoted from Carol Mavor, Reading Boyishly: Roland Barthes, J.M. Barrie, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Marcel Proust, and D.W. Winnicott.

One thought on “Coffee…

  1. I remember a song that we learned in 7th grade Catholic school.

    Coffee is not for me.
    It’s a drink that people wake up with.
    That it makes them nervous is no myth.
    Slaves to a coffee cup, they can’t give coffee up.

    I do love coffee and I obviously love the song cuz 7th grade was in ’78!

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