Horror Vacui


Part of Mark Dion’s collection in his New York flat.


Mark Dion’s New York apartment.

(Image in Modern Painters, March 2009, pp. 28-29.)

Dion explains: “I think some people generate ideas better in an empty room, where there are no distractions. I don’t see these things as distractions, though. I see them as elements that feed into the thought process. So I prefer to have as much stuff around me as possible.”

Are you a collector or hoarder? Do you accumulate stuff? Which are the things you’re surrounded by? Which are the objects that feed into your thought process?


2 thoughts on “Horror Vacui

  1. I definitely think more is more. Spare and serene works for some – for me I groove on stuff and always have.

    My brothers fear I’ll become a hoarder (fear that they’ll have to deal with my stuff that is) and I have a bit of the syndrome. For example I do tend to want to save unread newspapers – unfortunately that may be a non-issue if newspapers keep dying.

    Stuff – old stuff in particular – resonates for me. My stuff tells stories. And I think collectors are much more interesting people.

    Fun post!


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