German Soundscape

According to Baroque poet Georg Philipp Harsdörfer (Frauenzimmer Gesprächspiele, 1641), the German language

…thunders with the heavens, flashes with the swift clouds, glitters like hail, whistles with the wind, foams with the waves, clatters like locks, resounds with the air, detonates with cannons, roars like the lion, lows like the ox, snarls like the bear, bells like the deer, bleats like the sheep, grunts like the pig, barks like the dog, neighs like the horse, hisses like the serpent, meows like the cat, honks like the goose, croaks like the frog, buzzes like the hornet, squawks like the chicken, clacks its beak like the stork, caws like the crow, twitters like the swallow, and chirps like the sparrow…

Quoted in Umberto Eco, The Infinity of Lists (2009)


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