Stunned Silence

The Sistine Chapel ceiling is the artwork of which Vasari wrote: ‘The whole world came running when the vault was revealed, and the sight of it was enough to reduce them to stunned silence.’ The Creation of Adam is also, with Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, one of the most reproduced, referenced and parodied images of all time; but this stunning online viewing tool will make you look at Michelangelo’s frescoes afresh – especially if you won’t make it to Rome this summer or if you prefer avoiding the queues and crowds.

4 thoughts on “Stunned Silence

  1. Stunning! This really brightened my day. How lovely to be able to see the frescoes in such detail and at leisure – unlike shuffling through with the crowds burbling in the semi-darkness. I remember an Art History teacher saying that the best way to view the ceiling was lying prone on the floor, but there is no chance of that in reality today (I think she did this back in the ’50s). Thanks.

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