A Flock of New Fauna

Jung Eun Park, Paper Menagerie, water colour, colour pencil on paper, Sunroom Project Space at Wave Hill Garden, New York, 2008.

From the exhibition website (2008):

Jung Eun Park transforms the intimate space of the Sunroom with a collection of delicately molded objects that she calls “a flock of new fauna.” Hinged somewhere between painting and sculpture, these hand-embossed paper shapes are crafted with meticulous detail. Park’s inventive process involves carefully painting and drawing upon sheets of paper before treating them with varnish and stitching them into evocative shapes. […]

For this work, Park culls imagery from a variety of sources: botanical exhibits, microscope slides, and scientific illustration, to name a few. Intended to reference a multitude of ecological forms, both floral and aquatic, her constructions are ultimately free from origin and nomenclature; they are strange organic hybrids that effectively evoke the enigmatic beauty of the natural world.

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