And other sordid details.

‘Whitie’, Teddy Bear, Margarete Steiff GmbH, c. 1907, V&A, London.


by Jason Guriel

In a glass-faced box, I forced together
four glass marbles (the sort whose sole point seemed
to be to round out a pouch), a feather
(plucked from down on which Victorians dreamed),
and wallpaper (strategically distressed
with tea water). I added assorted
props of death and blight: frost-white wedding dress
scorched black by spinster, and other sordid
details, such as stuffed teddy bear entrails
draping the blade of an antique ice skate.
I was pleased how little work was entailed.
With ease, the incongruous congregate
on the altar of the diorama
like offerings to my deus ex machina.

From Jason Guriel, Pure Product, Signal Editions, 2009


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