In The Novel as Event, a study of nineteenth-century fiction published by University of Michigan Press in 2010, Mario Ortiz Robles writes that

a performative model of subject formation cannot be thought apart from its implication in regulatory practices operating within discursive regimes that circumscribe the “materiality” of the subject through the citationality of norms.

And a couple of pages further on:

The foreclosure of the performative in the Victorian novel is thus the condition of possibility of its disciplined re-emergence as the illocutionary hallucination of the performative as a material event of subjectivity that emerges in a discursive nexus that can be generally named “impersonation”.

I’ve always suspected that reading incomprehensible undergraduate essays has a negative effect on my writing. But I’m convinced that reading incomprehensible, jargon-laden academic studies is far more detrimental.

The TLS awards the Mario Ortiz Robles Prize of Incomprehensibility. See J.C., ‘NB’, in TLS, no. 5624, January 14 2011, p. 32.


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