Vintage National Geographic

Megasoma beetle, 1959.

Icicles on Florida oranges, December 1977.

Starfish and sea anemones clustering in a tide pool, Olympic Peninsula, America, February 1974.

“Arab and Frenchman Have Much to Talk About. Dachshund and Shark Do Not.” 1952.

Owls nesting in cactus, 1959 (?).

Seahorse, Florida, 1959.

Minerals, 1954.

Via Voyages Extraordinaires. More at vintage national geographic scans.

3 thoughts on “Vintage National Geographic

  1. Of course what catches my eye is the bracelet worn by the model apparently made from beetle horns or mandibles. Is there some message here? Brings to mind the Victorian interest in natural history and 19th century jewelry made from insects

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