Sophie Calle’s Collection: “Death, I guess.”

Artist Sophie Calle in her studio outside Paris, surrounded by taxidermied animals. Photograph by Alastair Miller in The Independent, Radar, 10.11.2012.

From In the Studio by Karen Wright:

Around us is a menagerie of stuffed animals. Calle tells me they represent people she knows, living and dead. A lion wearing a crown, she says, represents her father; a truncated giraffe, her mother. “She is the giraffe. She is dead. She looks at me with sadness and irony.”

On one wall are works Calle has exchanged with other artists, including Cindy Sherman and Robert Gober. Dramatic eyelashes turn out to be by English artist Lisa Milroy. A series of small coffins, made in China, are for burying pet crickets, Calle tells me.

Why does she collect these macabre items? She shrugs. “I don’t know. Death, I guess.”

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