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Books, articles, quotes, images, concepts, theories and thoughts related to my research on collecting, taxonomy, classification, cabinets of curiosities, the history of natural history and surrealism – and whatever else strikes my fancy. I created this blog to share and discuss curious chance finds, but it is also intended as a more informal and creative outlet for my research and a means of keeping myself motivated. Footnote-free space where serendipity, randomness and free associations reign supreme.

I am a former British Academy Post-doctoral Fellow based at the University of Manchester, England, and I am currently researching and writing ‘A Cultural History of Coral’.

Image above: Mark Dion, Ichthyosaur, 2003, detail.

Blog header image: Hubert Duprat, Untitled, 1994, coral (Costa Brava) and breadcrumbs, c. 25 cm in diameter.

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